Anastacia Guerrero
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Too often you hear of assault and harassment happening on campuses, not only at Texas State University, but at campuses across the nation and most of the time police can’t find suspects responsible for the crimes or aren’t able to assist victims in a timely manner. While this is also the case, there are also students that live far from family, making it hard for family members to make sure their child is truly safe when walking on or around campus at any moment.



With the Stat App, students have the opportunity to let friends and family know their whereabouts when they start the route to their destination. There is also a VUI system that lets students communicate with the app when they don’t feel comfortable walking alone, this prompts as a buddy system. The app features discreet interaction when it senses that the student is in danger or in an emergency, making it easier and faster for emergency personnel to arrive to the location of the student using the app.

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