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The cost of transportation for college students to get home can get a little costly, especially when students don’t own a car and their hometowns are 45 miles away or further. Students tend to go back home at least 3 times per a semester and are often left to take planes, buses, or even relying on friends, making it quite the hassle.


Catpool is a Texas State student based ridesharing app and has a system that matches riders with drivers that happen to be traveling to the same area together. Since safety is a priority, the rider can browse their different options of people, look through their profiles, destinations, and then choose a driver that fits them best. Students who are the drivers will also make some money off their ride since they are providing the trip for the rider.

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meet the team

Dolores Jimenez: App Concept/Brand Voice/Brand Identity/Marketing
Anastacia Guerrero: Brand Identity/Marketing
Iman Mora: Brand Identity/ Marketing
Katie Connolly: UX|UI App Design/ Brand Identity/ Marketing

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